Celebrating 10 Years

Since 2014, CWM has been dedicated to safety, prompt service, and reliability. Our commitment to providing top-notch HVAC services is matched only by our dedication to ensuring our technicians are equipped with the best tools for the job.

Roof Top Unit Installation

This food processing facility required an HVAC upgrade to better deal with the hot temperatures of the BC heat waves. This project consisted of installing 5 new roof top units to help provide much needed cooling.

Refrigeration Piping Install

We completed this refrigeration piping job, which passed its pressure test with flying colors and was fired up without issue. Our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority, and we’re thrilled to have met their expectations.

Air Handling Unit Bearing Replacement

This air handling unit (AHU) operates under extremely high humidity conditions. Over time, moisture infiltrated the bearing, causing the gradual deterioration of the grease. With the installation of these new bearings, the unit swiftly regained its optimal operational performance.

Make Up Air Installation

This snapshot is moments before touching this unit down. This new MUA will help this facility maintain proper air changes and temperature on the production floor.

Industrial & Commercial Refrigeration Industries

Reciprocating Ammonia Compressor Overhaul

Mycom compressors are incredibly resilient machines and fantastic at compressing ammonia. Keeping up with maintenance and performing regular overhauls can extend the lifespan exponentially.

Our Mechanical Division

Refrigeration – Condensing Units

The units pictured in front of the skyline serve large walk-in coolers and freezers. Canada West was tasked to maintain these units. From VFD programming to oil changes, filter drier replacements to condenser cleanings, we have maintained these units for years and our customer has reduced their downtime significantly.